COVID-19 & Summer 2022

As part of public health efforts at the George Washington University, the following policies and requirements are likely to be in place for all individuals living in GW summer housing in 2022:

Room Configuration and Density

Long-stay guests will be assigned to residence hall rooms in such a way that every long-stay guest will have their own private bedroom, and guests with private bathrooms will share a bathroom with a maximum of one other person. Participants in GW short-stay programs will reside in traditional density rooms. GW students should view the Summer Housing page on our Campus Living & Residential Education site for summer-sepcific living information.
  • Regular studio two-person unit = Studio one-person unit in Summer 2022
  • Regular 1-bedroom two-person unit = 1-bedroom one-person unit in Summer 2022
  • Regular 2-bedroom four-person unit = 2-bedroom two-person unit in Summer 2022
  • Regular 3-bedroom four-person unit = 3-bedroom three-person unit in Summer 2022

COVID-19 Vaccination

All summer long-stay guests will be required to meet GW's COVID-19 vaccination requirement, which requires individuals to be fully vaccinated and receive a booster shot against COVID-19, unless they receive an approved exemption. Information about uploading vaccination documentation or requesting an exemption to the vaccination documentation will be shared in March or April 2022. Long-stay summer guests who fail to meet the vaccination requirement will not be permitted to check-in.
Exemptions to the vaccination requirement will only be accepted for medical reasons, and no religious exemptions will be granted.
Participants in GW short-stay programs will be required to adhere to all GW visitor requirements.

GW's Mask Mandate

April 12, 2022 Update: At this time, masks are required in all GW university-owned or -operated facilities. This policy will be re-evaluated as our spring semester ends and any updates to the policy will be communicated here.

COVID-19 Testing

May 7, 2022 Update: All summer residents who are not GW students will not be required to adhere to any COVID-19 testing requirements. Summer residents who are not GW students will not have access to GW's COVID-19 testing.

Isolation Protocols

Any summer long-stay guest who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate in a room that provides that guest their own bedroom and ability to use their own bathroom. Almost all summer guests will isolate in place and will not be required to relocate to isolate. While in isolation, summer guests will not be permitted to leave their room, unless it is an emergency, they are directive to leave by a medical provider, or are picking up food from the front of their residence hall.
While in isolation, summer guests are permitted to go to the front of their residence hall to pick up a contactless food or grocery delivery. If they need immediate food after beginning isolation, students should use delivery services such as Grubhub to order food for immediate needs.
  • If leaving residential rooms for food or grocery delivery, summer guests are required to use contactless delivery and no interaction with other individuals is permitted. 
  • Students are required to wear an N95 mask, KN95 mask, or double mask when leaving residential rooms for this purpose.
  • Students are not permitted to be in close contact with any other individual while leaving to pick up the food - no riding elevators with other residents, walking in close contact in stairwells or hallways, or waiting in lobbies for the delivery to arrive. Students may not interact with others while leaving your room to pick up this food.
  • Students are still prohibited from leaving your room for all other activities already prohibited during isolation in residence halls

All summer guests in isolation will be assigned a member of the Campus Living & Residential Education team to assist with their needs.

Outside Guests Policy

At this time, summer guests will be permitted to have:

  • 2 outside guests at a time per resident between 7am-11pm daily. Outside guests are defined as individuals who are not residents of summer housing or George Washington University students
  • Outsdie guests are not permitted overnight. Any summer resident found to be housing other non-paying individuals in any extra beds in a room will have their housing at GW immediately terminated

Outside guests continue to be permitted if assisting during summer guest move-in and move-out.

Failure to Comply with COVID-19 Policies

Failure to adhere to university COVID-19 policies, including required COVID-19 isolation directives, will result in termination of a guest's summer housing agreement and forfeiture of all summer housing payments. GW students will be subject to conduct actions outline by the Code of Student Conduct and seth forth by the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities.