Check-In & Out for Groups

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We look forward to welcoming you to campus for the summer and hope that the following information will help you plan for a smooth and stress-free stay with us. 

Check-In for Groups 

All Summer & Conference Check-In is operated through a central location.  Please keep in mind that this may not be the building in which your group will be hosted.  Please plan your transportation and luggage needs accordingly.

Foggy Bottom Campus:  Philip Amsterdam Hall, 2350 H Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20052
Mount Vernon Campus:  Webb Building, 2100 Foxhall Road NW, Washington, D.C. 20007

  • All groups must have paid their balance in full prior to check in 
  • Check-in occurs at 3:00pm
  • Group Coordinators will review the participant roster and room assignments and sign for all keys and access cards
  • Group Coordinators will receive all keys and access cards for their participants organized by last name
  • Access card and key distribution to summer guests will take place at a location chosen by the conference coordinator

Check-Out for Groups

Foggy Bottom Campus:  Philip Amsterdam Hall, 2350 H Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20052
Mount Vernon Campus:  Webb Building, 2100 Foxhall Road NW, Washington, D.C. 20007

  • Check-out occurs at 11:00am
  • Groups may request a second set of pre-labeled key envelopes to facilitate the check-out and return process
  • Rooms must be cleaned to the point where they can be broom swept at check-out, any rooms requiring additional cleaning will incur a fine
  • A charge of $150 will be applied to your account for lost keys and $50 for lost access cards
  • Once a group returns their keys and access cards you will not have access to your building or rooms, please plan your travel and luggage needs accordingly

Hint: Keep all keys and cards organized by both room and participant so any lost charges can be assessed to the correct individual


We encourage groups to build organized donation efforts into their check-out process.  Clothing, bedding, linens, and household good donation containers are located in Thurston, South, and Shenkman Halls on the Foggy Bottom campus and West Hall on the Mount Vernon Campus. 


  • Garage Parking: Parking on campus is available, but limited, in University operated garages
  • Street Parking: Limited street parking is available at metered spots. Please be sure to obey D.C. Residential Parking Permit and Zone regulations.

Additional Services

  • Facilitated Check-In:  Our staff is available to fully facilitate your groups check-in process for an additional fee.
  • Check-In Setup:  For large groups, please be sure to discuss any additional check in needs with your Lead Summer Assistant.  Dedicated check-in rooms, tables, and setup are common requests for groups with many participants and for groups distributing materials as part of check in.
  • Green Move-Out:  If your group would like to participate in the Green Move-Out program, bedding and linens, cleaning supplies, food, clothing, and books can be donated to area charities.