Long-Stay Groups Housing Options & Rates

We organize our residence halls into distinct categories. While each of our halls is unique, guests will find common amenities among the halls represented within each category. Our housing rates for long-term stay groups vary based on the level of amenities included in your reservation. 

Greek housing is not available for Long-Stay Groups. 

Billing Options

  • Group Billing:  Under Group Billing charges are assessed by week with a 8-week minimum stay required and the sponsoring organization will be paying all fees directly to GW Summer & Conference Housing.  The sponsoring organization is responsible for paying the deposit, 50% of the total estimated charges, and the final payment balances for each participant of the group.
  • Individual Billing:  Under Individual Billing room reservations will be blocked by the sponsoring organization but individual participants will be paying all fees directly to GW Summer & Conference Housing.  Participants are charged the DC Accommodations Tax regardless of the group's tax status.  Please refer to the Individuals Housing Options and Rates page for these weekly rates. 

Neither billing option permits a group to have unique, individualized arrival and/or departure dates for each participant. 

Summer 2021 Update

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the George Washington University will not able to host non-GW groups and individuals for housing in Summer 2021. Should you plan to be in the Washington, D.C. region this summer, we encourage you to explore alternative housing arrangements. Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) is currently offering long-stay summer housing.

Rates are per person/per week and do not include the per person $200 Administrative Fee or the 14.95% District of Columbia Housing Accommodations Tax. Review the qualifications to see if you can be considered for tax exemption

Traditional Rooms

Traditional rooms are customary dormitory-style housing with bathroom in-suite and community kitchens in the building. 

Building Group 1

The buildings that make up Building Group 1 offer studio style apartments with one large area for sleeping and living, a separate kitchen, and in-suite bathrooms.

Building Group 2

Both options in Building Group 2 are in our newest residence hall, District House.  The 16 or 20-person Affinity Units are ideal for groups that want their participants to live together and build community.  Our newest 2-person studio apartments are also included in Group 2. 

Building Group 3

The buildings that make up Building Group 3 offer the greatest level of amenities with defined bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and in-suite bathrooms. 

Single Rooms

Single rooms offer single occupancy accommodations of the utmost privacy and comfort. There are two options in the Single Room category, Strong Hall with common bathrooms and South Hall with in-suite bathrooms.