Long-Stay Groups

Long-Stay Groups

The George Washington University provides convenient and affordable housing for Long-Stay groups on the Foggy Bottom Campus

  • Long-Term Stay reservations have an 8-week minimum stay requirement and 11-week maximum.
  • Summer 2022 Dates:
    • Earliest Available Arrival Date: Sunday, May 22, 2022
    • Latest Available Departure Date: Saturday, August 6, 2022

Group Eligibility & Requirements

  • Have a minimum of four registered participants. Groups less than four participants are encouraged to reserve housing as an Individual. 
  • Be affiliated with an educational institution, non-profit organization, or be engaged in some educationally oriented activity.
  • Housing is not available to tourists, participants in professional conferences or conventions held by for-profit companies, employees of corporations or firms, or for any short-term, temporary or transient housing need.
  • GW reserves the right to verify that your group meets these requirements.

Long-Stay Group Mailing List

Are you interested in housing as a part of your summer group program? Complete the interest and mailing list below so that we can stay in touch with regarding summer housing availability, rates, and our Summer 2022 booking process.

Fill Out the Long-Stay Group Mailing List Form

Important Note

In Summer 2022, all long-stay guests will have their own private bedroom and guests with private bathrooms will share a bathroom with a maximum of one other person. For example:

  • Traditionally studio 2-person rooms will be single person units in Summer 2022
  • Traditionally Two-bedroom 4-person rooms will be 2-person person units in Summer 2022

All photos and tours of rooms reflect pre-2022 room occupancies.