Safety and Emergencies

In the event of a campus emergency or if you are in danger, call the GW Police Department at 202-994-6111

As in any metropolitan area, it's important to be aware of your surroundings since our campus is located in an urban setting.

  • The GW Police Department has officers on patrol 24 hours a day to ensure that our guests are protected during their stay.
  • In order to keep our residents safe, we reserve the right to do periodic Health & Safety Inspections of residence halls. It is likely that an inspection will occur during your stay on campus, so please be aware of what you should not bring to campus to ensure that you will not be caught in violation of our policies. Documented violations can result in eviction from campus housing.

Fire Alarms

If a fire alarm goes off in your building, please exit the building at the closest exit and proceed across the street. Make sure you are at least 250 feet away from the entrance and await further instructions from the GW Police Department or other GW staff members.

GW Campus Advisories

Campus Advisories is the university's primary website used for communicating emergency preparedness and incident-related information to the GW community. Users can visit this site for changes in university status, adverse weather conditions, important issues concerning safety, and anything else that may disrupt normal operations.


This official District of Columbia communications system sends emergency alerts, notifications, and updates to your devices. This system enables the District to provide you with critical information in situations such as traffic conditions, government closures, public safety incidents and severe weather. 

Lost & Found

If you lose or misplace items on campus you should contact the GW Police Departments Lost and Found program.  Found items are kept for 30 days and then donated to charity.  You can increase the chances of repossessing your personal items if they are identifiably marked with the name and contact information of the owner.