Short-Stay Groups Reservations

Reservation Process

The GW Short-Stay Conference Group Request Form is for groups that are ready to initiate the reservation and contract process. Although the request phase is non-binding, groups should present the most accurate and complete profile for their anticipated needs. The request serves two main purposes:

  1. Provides our office the information needed to create a tentative reservation and cost estimate based on the dates, participant numbers, and additional services requested.
  2. Provides you, the Conference Group Coordinator, with the Terms and Conditions of the Conference License Agreement to have reviewed by your organization’s appropriate business office or legal counsel. Any proposed Alternate Language to the Terms and Conditions should be submitted to [email protected] in advance of the contracting phase.

Changes to Request: There will be an opportunity to make changes to this request prior to final contracting. Once the contract is signed groups may request two amendments to capture any changes to the conference program. More information on this process can be found in the Conference License Agreement.

Campus Assignments: While a Group may request a specific campus, the Summer Housing staff will assess the submitted information and best match the needs of the group with the services provided on the different campuses and make appropriate assignments. 

Next Steps: GW Summer Housing will use the submitted request to create a reservation and provide an estimated invoice of all housing and additional services requested. Early in the Spring a member of our team will contact the Group Coordinator in regards to any changes prior to final contracting. 


Reservation Details

Short-Stay Group License Agreement

When creating the online request, the Group Coordinator was prompted to read, review, and download the terms and conditions of the Summer Housing License Agreement for Short-Stay Groups.  The document is included as part of the reservation and contracting process but can also be found here for your review and records.

2019 Short-Stay Group License Agreement


The University has established guidelines and procedures to promote the protection of minors. GW requires all non-university individuals and organizations using university facilities for programs and activities involving minors to comply with our Protection of Minors Policy.

Groups are required to conduct background checks of all adult chaperones and to supervise all Group Participants when any participant is categorized as either Youth ages 10-13 and/or Youth ages 14-17. 

Group Coordinators should refer to the Housing License Agreement for full details. 

GW Protection of Minors Policy

Disability Housing Accommodation

GW offers a limited number of accessible housing options in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - including wheelchair-accessible rooms with private bathrooms and rooms equipped with visual alerts. These rooms are available upon request and other needs are considered on a case-by-case basis.  The Group Coordinator should identify this need as part of the reservation and communicate the nfull needs of all group participants as part of the contracting process. 

Assistance Animal in Residential Facilities

The process for making formal accommodation requests starts when a summer guest with a disability submits recent, comprehensive documentation from their licensed health care or mental health provider to GW Summer and Conference Housing, which documents the guest's specific need for an accommodation. After receipt of documentation, GW Summer and Conference Housing will engage with the resident to determine the type and details of the accommodation, if any.

Assistance Animal in Residential Facilities Policy & Procedures

Gender Inclusive Roommate Requests

George Washington University does permit gender inclusive roommate requests. Such requests must also be completely mutual. Guests should keep in mind that the Raise High Option and Capital Option rooms are set up as studios and do not have separate living and sleeping spaces. Gender inclusive requests will not guarantee placement in specific buildings and room types. Guests are encouraged to consider their personal need for privacy before submitting a gender inclusive roommate request.

Payment Procedures & Timeline

Following a scheduled Pre-Contract Call, generally in February-March, a member of our staff will draft the contract and send it to the Group Coordinator. 

  • Within 30 Days of Contract Drafting:  50% of the total estimated cost for all services requested, and the signed contract are due.
  • At Least 15 Days Prior to Arrival:  The remaining balance for all requested services is due.
  • Within 30 Days Following Departure:  A final invoice will be sent, including additional costs incurred during the reservation including, but not limited to lost keys and access card charges, additional meeting space or audio visual equipment, damages, etc. 
  • 30 Days after Final Invoicing:  Payment for additional costs is due. 

Group Coordinators should refer to the Housing License Agreement for full details. 


Changes to the Contract

Groups should contract at the most realistic representation of their program possible including number of participants, meals and catering, and event and academic space needs. Once the contract has been signed there is a formal amendment process to request any changes. 

  • The Coordinator can make 2 changes to the contract without penalty
  • Amendments may not decrease the original contract by more than 25% (by count or value) of the total charges. 
  • Amendments may only be requested up to 15 days before prior to arrival.  
  • After 15 days prior to arrival the sponsoring organization is financially responsible for all contracted services.

All requests for changes are subject to space availability and are not guaranteed. Any changes requested (including early departures) after the group has checked in to their residence hall will not be subject to refund.

Group Coordinators should refer to the Housing License Agreement for full details. 

Any Short-Stay Group cancellation request must be submitted in writing to GW Summer & Conference Housing at [email protected]. The Licensee agrees to adhere to the following cancellation schedules:

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation request must be submitted in writing to GW Summer & Conference Housing at [email protected]

If a reservation is cancelled: 

  • By March 31, 2020:  All monies paid will be refunded 

After March 31, 2020:

  • More than 30 days from arrival:  25% of the contracted service charges will be forfeited
  • 29-15 days from arrival:  50% of the contracted service charges will be forfeited
  • 14 days or less from arrival:  All payments will be forfeited in full.

If the Group or Conference does not arrive within twenty-four (24) hours after the contracted arrival date and does not contact GW Housing about a delayed arrival, the reservation will be immediately cancelled and all previous payments will be forfeited in full.

Group Coordinators should refer to the Housing License Agreement for full details.