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As a portion of the Center for Student Engagement, GW Housing, in conjunction with Residential Engagement, Division of Operations, Facilities Services, GW Safety and Security, and GW Information Technology supports the academic experience of residential students by providing safe, scholarly-oriented communities.  GW Housing also manages all aspects of the university's three-year residency requirement and summer housing program. We strive to foster an inclusive residential environment where students have opportunities to grow and develop into leaders, value civility and respect, and thrive as members of the GW community.

Our knowledgeable staff members are available to guests and conference coordinators, so feel free to reach out to our office for assistance with your reservation or planning process.

Summer Leadership Team

Matt LeBlanc
Senior Coordinator
Summer & Conference Housing

Harry R. Knabe
Senior Associate Director
GW Housing

Seth Weinshel
Assistant Dean of Students
GW Housing and Financial Services

2018 Lead Summer Assistants

Lead Summer Assistants (LSAs) are full-time supervisors during our summer season. As managers, they are responsible for daily customer service delivery and administrative management of our Summer & Conference Housing Program. They supervise our team of Summer Assistants (SAs) during the summer season, who interact most directly with our summer guests.  

LSA Sarah

Foggy Bottom, AM Customer Service

LSA Steven

Foggy Bottom, AM Administration


Kyle T.
Foggy Bottom, Mid-Day Customer Service

LSA Lizz

Foggy Bottom, Mid-Day Administration

LSA Lisa

Foggy Bottom, PM Customer Service

LSA Naja

Foggy Bottom, PM Administration

LSA CoraCora
Mount Vernon, LSA

LSA ErriannaErrianna
Service Specialist, LSA



Summer Assistants

Our thirty-six Summer Assistants assist individuals and groups with all aspects of their stay at GW, similar to the function of front-desk staff at a hotel and are supervised by the LSA's.