2022 Long-Stay On-Campus Permit Parking

Long-Trem Stay Summer Guests living in GW housing can purchase parking permits to the University Garage, 800 22nd St NW, via the directly through GW's Parking team. Guests will submit an application and make payment for any contracted Parking Services direct with Transportation & Parking Services.

Long-Stay Parking Garages

Elliott School of International Affairs Garage

  • Address: 1957 E Street, NW
  • Entrance to garageĀ onĀ 19th Street between E and F streets, NW
  • Access to garage via GWorld Card
G Street Parking Garage
  • Address: 2028 G Street, NW
  • Entrance to garage from both 20th Street and 21st Street between F and G streets, NW
  • Access to garage via GWorld Card

Summer 2022 Long-Stay Parking Rates

All summer 2022 long-stay parking costs $57.50 per week

Length of Stay Total Summer Parking Cost
8 weeks $460.00
9 weeks $517.50
10 weeks $575.00
11 weeks $632.50

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