Technology Services

Long-Stay Guests (6+ Weeks)

If you are a member of a Long Stay Group or a Long Stay Individual Guest please follow these simple steps to connect to the wireless internet:

  1. Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on
  2. Join the GWireless wireless network
  3. Use your email address and password you created when making your housing reservation to log-in to the wireless network

Additional Instructions can be found here: Connecting to the GW wireless network

Office Hours: Visit the IT support website for information on available dates and times

Appointments: Call or email the IT Support Center to schedule an appointment: 202-994-4948 or [email protected]


Summer guests can print via the Colonial Printing kiosks located around both the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses with most major credit cards. Colonial Printing allows you to print from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or directly from a USB drive.  Make sure you can access the kiosk that you send your print job to, kiosks located in residence halls are only accessible to the residents of that building.