Individuals Housing Options & Rates

An on campus kitchen

We organize our residence halls into distinct categories. While each of our halls is unique, guests will find common amenities among the halls represented within each category. Our individual housing rates vary based on the level of amenities and length of stay.  The 2020 summer season will run May 24 - August 1 or May 31 - August 8.

Summer Individual guest reservations require a 8-week minimum stay and a $200.00 administrative fee per person. 

2020 Individual Guest Housing Rates

8-10 Weeks
Weekly Rate Per Person
Traditional Rooms  
    Quads Closed in 2020
    Doubles 266.00
Building Group 1  
    Quads 280.00
    Doubles 301.00
Building Group 2  
    Double Studios 315.00
Building Group 3  
    Quads 336.00


Single Rooms  
    Single w/Common Bath
    (Mitchell Hall)
Closed in 2020

    Pvt. Bedroom
    w/Shared Bath, Kitchen, Living Room (South Hall)

Graduate Housing  
    Single Apartments Closed in 2020


2020 Individual Guest Housing Halls by Date

May 24-August 1

2109 F St. - Group 1
Francis Scott Key - Group 1
District House - Group 2 & 3
1959 E St - Group 3
South Hall - SIngles
Greek Properties

May 31-August 8

Potomac House - Traditional
Munson Hall - Group 1
Shenkman Hall - Group 3
South Hall - SIngles
Greek Properties

May 24-July 25

Amsterdam Hall - Group 3


Rates are per person/per week do not include the one time $200 administrative fee or 14.95% District of Columbia Housing Accommodations Tax. Review the qualifications to see if you can be considered for tax exemption

Traditional Rooms

Traditional rooms are customary dormitory-style housing with in-suite bathrooms and community kitchens in the building. Double with Adjoined bath means there are 4 people in total sharing one bathroom- two sets of double rooms.

Building Group 1

The buildings that make up Building Group 1 offer studio style apartments with one large area for sleeping and living, a separate kitchen, and in-suite bathrooms.

Building Group 2

These are 2-person studio apartments in our newest residence hall, District House. These studios have a combined living and kitchen area with an in-suite bathroom.

Greek Housing

The locations in this category comprise both townhouses and traditional residence halls. Reservations in these spaces must be confirmed by the individual chapter House Managers.

Building Group 3

The buildings that make up Building Group 3 offer the greatest level of amenities as full apartments with defined bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and in-suite bathrooms. 

Single Rooms

Single rooms offer accommodations of the utmost privacy and comfort. There are two options in the Single Room category. Mitchell Hall with the single person room and common bathrooms on the floor.  South Hall offers 4 private bedrooms within a larger apartment sharing a living room, kitchen, and in-suite bathrooms. 

Graduate Housing

This option is specific to any current graduate student, guests 24 years of age and older, or any long-term stay group made up of adult participants.  Graduate Housing offers individual "studio-style" apartments for single occupancy, offering the greatest level of privacy in our housing inventory.